Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My definition of Culture in Relation to Long's

It seems that Long believes culture is a term that humans inherently relate to; in the way that we know the difference between the ways you can use the word 'hammer', we know the markers of what culture is.  I agree with Long in that culture can be classified as 'human activity', but I understand why he would want to qualify such a statement with several explanations on the difficult nature of defining one of the most complex words in the English language. I do not agree, however, with Long's inexplicable link between human culture and Christianity. I understand that several cultures across the globe are inextricably associated with Christianity, but to define culture as being inextricably associated with Christianity is to ignore the majority of the world. Long's connection between religion and culture in general seems convoluted. In a contemporary world, we cannot expect every person to base their actions on the word of God, which Long bases the definition of culture on. I believe the bounds of culture are beyond Long's grasp, in which religion is part of the definition, not the basis for the definition.

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